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I feel like Harry is one of those guys that would were an engagement band because “If you get to tell the world your taken than so can I.”

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Goodnight lovelies :-)

— Anonymous

❝favorite type if fanfiction and why❞

Type of fanfic? I like something realistic just because I’ll be able to relate too and put myself in the situation. Hope that answered your question :-)

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I like them with strawberry jelly :-)

❝hi, can I nominate myself for best Harry url? :)❞


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❝your blog just popped up on my dash & anyways i was in here and found your selfie & omg you're so prettyyyyyyy.❞

Haha don’t you just love it when that happens? But thank you and welcome to my lame party! :-)


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C’mon, just do it for this face right here…


Hey guys if you vote for me and message me the number of note that you were, I’ll give you a promo! :)

so like on twitter there’s a whole bunch of stuff about 5sos groupies and then I come on here and everyone’s like chill lol




this girl is in all of us

she’s my spirit animal 

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